Please note this programme is preliminary and may be subject to minor changes.


  MONDAY 20 MARCH   18.45-20.00h

Welcome and introduction

Patricia Bruijning-Verhagen

Special Lecture: Unexpected benefits of rotavirus vaccination
Federico Martinón-Torres

Drinks and bites at the venue  

  TUESDAY 21 MARCH   09.00-18.00h


Patricia Bruijning-Verhagen

Long-term impact of universal rotavirus vaccination

Belgium – Martine Sabbe
Austria – Martina Prelog
Finland – Maria Hemming
United States – Daniel Payne

Break & Poster Viewing

Experience from recent universal immunization programmes in Europe 
UK – Robin Marlow
Germany – Hans-Iko Huppertz
Norway – Elmira Flem
Latvia, Estonia – Dace Zavadska
Israel – Khitam Muhsen

Global introductions, impact and remaining barriers
Umesh Parashar

Lunch & Poster Viewing

Policy issues
The Netherlands; selective or universal vaccination – Patricia Bruijning-Verhagen
From Yes to No in France – Pierre Pothier

Vaccine Administration in NICU settings- Caroline Quach-Thanh
Vaccination of special populations: an update – Carlo Giaquinto

Oral Presentations

  • The epidemiology and etiology of hospitalised acute gastroenteritis following introduction of RV vaccination in Estonia-  Kadri Kõivumägi
  •  Rotavirus A infection in Brazil in the pre and post vaccination eras – Marcelle da Silva
  • The Quebec rotavirus vaccination program: following-up impacts in Montreal – Anne Tilmanne
  •  A comparison of incidence, transmission and burden of norovirus and rotavirus infections among young families in the Netherlands – Franke A. Quee

Break & Poster Viewing

Update on licensed rotavirus vaccines
Monovalent oral rotavirus vaccine – Bernd Benninghoff
Pentavalent oral rotavirus vaccine – Timo Vesikari

Update on vaccine safety; Intussusception
Germany – Doris Oberle
United States – Umesh Parashar
Australia – Julie Bines

Conference dinner at the Janskerk

  WEDNESDAY 22 MARCH   09.00-13.00h
  Rotavirus; New Insights
Rotavirus immunity and cross-protection – Ulrich Desselberger
Genetic susceptibility to rotavirus infection – Lennart Svensson
Rotavirus vaccine and the gut microbiome – Vanessa Harris
Rotavirus, type 1 diabetes and celiac disease – Timo Vesikari 

Oral presentations

  • Innate IL-15 up-regulation after oral rotavirus vaccination –  Grupo de Investigación en Genetica
  • Induction of VP6-specific IgA responses after rotavirus infection and vaccination – Suvi Heinimäki
  • A technical feasibility study for the development of a heat inactivated rotavirus vaccine – Olga Resink

Break & Poster Viewing

New  rotavirus vaccines
Human neonatal RV3-BB vaccine – Julie Bines
Whole cell, inactivated vaccine – Baoming Jiang
P2-VP8 subunit vaccine – Michelle Groome
VP6 subunit vaccine – Vesna Blazevic

Closing remarks